Who are we?

Vintage Faith is a Jesus-centered church started in 2009 by a group of young singles and couples in Manhattan. When we say we want to have "vintage" faith, we mean we want to go back to the roots, the core, of early Christianity. Therefore, rather than turn to tradition or religion, we turn to Jesus Christ as He's revealed in God's living and active Word to formulate and guide our beliefs and values. We believe the world doesn't need more Christianity, but more of Jesus Christ. Take a look at our Statement of Faith.

The men that pastor our church have dedicated their lives to following Jesus. Kennan and Alex are the pastors at Vintage Faith Church in Manhattan, Kansas. Our pastors and staff in Manhattan work closely with our pastors and staff in Wichita, Stillwater, and Fayetteville.



    Kennan and Nada Ingalsbe have been getting to know their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for over 30 years, most of that time right here in the Manhattan area. God has used the scriptures to refine them through family life and work experiences as well as church and small group Bible studies. Marriage and relationship counseling is a major ministry focus for both of them.


    Pastor - fAYETTEVILLE, AR

    Cody Hill was recognized as a Pastor in 2016 and is specifically focused on Vintage Faith Students. He has been involved at Vintage Faith Church since 2009; helping with worship and House Churches. Married to Joy, he is also a dad of two boys and a beautiful daughter. He is passionate about Jesus, seeing people connect with Jesus, and grow in their love for God and for people.

  • Alex Whitesell


    Alex started going to Vintage as a freshman at Kansas State University where he began to learn what it means to live life for Jesus. He was recognized as a Pastor in 2018 after serving as a House Church leader and worship leader. Alex and his wife Hilary, along with their son and daughter, are part of the Blueprint Church Plant in Fayetteville, Arkansas where they are excited to see how God will use their lives. 

  • tom brown


    Tom Brown is the resident pastor of Vintage Faith Wichita. He dedicated his life to following Jesus while studying Philosophy at Colorado State University. Tom and his wife, Mandy, have worked together for 13 years in the exhilarating work of creating new churches and new humans. Before moving to Wichita, he was the pastor of Vintage Faith Students at Kansas State University.

  • rick whitney

    pastor - stillwater, ok

    Rick and Neva Whitney have been serving the Lord for around 37 years. They moved to Manhattan from Denver, where they co-pastored at The Firehouse, to start Vintage Faith. Rick and Neva have successfully raised seven children. If you're interested in parenting tips, click here to visit Rick's website designed especially for dads.



    Jeff and Grace Wieman moved from Denver, where Jeff pastored at The Firehouse Church, to Stillwater, OK to start Vintage Faith Stillwater. Jeff and Grace have 4 children and are excited to be part of God's plan for Stillwater and the Oklahoma State University campus.