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You have two choices on Sundays: Join us On-Line or In-Person.  You can find the details on ur Sunday Page.

We have spaced out the chair rows and are contiuing to encourage hand washing and sanitizer use. At this time we are not providing childcare unless arranged before hand. The hospitality table will be serving limited items.


This Sunday, May 31st at 10:00am we will have our first post-COVID gathering in the Vintage building .  We expect a relatively small, excited group of people.  I’m sending this to inform you of what to expect.  I’m also sending this to encourage some of you to come and some of you to not come, yet. 


This Sunday will be exciting, but it will also be awkward.  The chairs are spaced in groups of two, six feet apart from each other.  That in itself will set the atmosphere as unusual at best.  There will be no children’s ministries or hospitality and communion will be done differently.  Some will have masks on, others will not.  There will be a strange sense that COVID could be in the building.  For that reason alone, some of you should choose to not come, but rather to stay home or gather in a smaller group in a home with other saints and watch the livestream.  By waiting a week or two it will also allow us to have a smaller group to learn how to navigate this transition.  We still may decide to go to multiple services in the coming weeks.


If you choose to come, you will see the chairs separated, but we know that households and those who are frequently together outside of Vintage don’t need to be 6’ apart, so you can move the chairs to meet your needs.  Try to maintain distance from others as you arrive and especially if you go downstairs.  There might be coffee served, but no food.  Regarding masks, in general, the most effective use for them would come if you can’t maintain 6’ distance and while singing. We will have a few masks available on the info table, but if you have one, bring it with you.


I am excited, but also nervous about this.  I personally just want to start back up how we left off, but it seems prudent to do it differently. We have several things in place to follow recommended safety guidelines but it will be up to each individual to decide how to live this out.


Our goal is to praise our Savior and encourage one another all according to the Love of God.  Be on guard… and love one another.


In Christ,


PS. For more details of our plan for tomorrow, see the Gathering Again Plan.

5/24/2020 Sunday

Please take our "Gathering Again Survey" today if possible - it will only take 5 minutes.

In addition, we have updated our "Gathering Again Plan" to let you know when, and under what conditions we will be meeting together in the Vintage building. Our next gathering is currently set for May 31st. 


5/17/2020 Sunday


In addition, we have updated our "Gathering Again" plan to let you know when, and under what conditions we will be meeting together in the Vintage building. Our next gathering is currently set for May 31st. 


Keep up to date on our local situation on the  Riley County Coronavirus page.



On April 30th, the Kansas Governor and Riley County laid out the plan for the state to relax restrictions on mass gatherings.  On May 14th the Governor announced that she is delaying Phase 2 of this plan until the end of May. We have, in an effort to honor the State's plan and in consideration of our own interests, made adjustments to our plans to gather on Sunday morning. After considering a ton of information on this topic, especially as it relates specifically to Vintage Faith, we have decided to move back our Gather Again date one week to May 31st.  In other words, we will not gather at the building until at least Sunday May 31st.


Even though we will not be gathering in a large group in the Vintage building, you can and we encourage you to safely gather in smaller groups in homes to join in the online worship service together.  If you feel comfortable doing so, reach out to someone else and get together this Sunday!!!

5/10/2020 Sunday

In addition, we have posted our "Gathering Again" plan to let you know when, and under what conditions we will be meeting together again.

Keep up to date on our local situation on the  Riley County Coronavirus page.


The governor will release her plans tonight and Riley County will follow suite.  We will announce and publish our plans on Sunday.

4/26/2020 Sunday

We visited with Justine and Russell yesterday.  Josiah is doing better but they expect some rough days ahead as he heals.  Please be in diligent prayer for him and their whole family.


Please pray for Josiah, Justine, Russell and Asher.  Josiah has an intestinal problem again.  It is very painful for him and agonizing for his parents. Pray for strength, healing and peace.

Today is a beautiful day, so there won't be a Fireside Chat, it will be more of a Treehouse Talk.  i hope it's encouraging to your soul. 

We are making plans for when we get back together, but as i look at our state and city, it's unclear whether this virus has peaked here or not.  The speculations are that it will reach its peak in another week or two.  So, we must be patient.  We'll start to publish next week our plans so you will have an idea of what changes to expect.  Of course this is a fluid situation so we will have to continue to be flexible.

Keep up to date on our local situation on the  Riley County Coronavirus page.

Check back this weekend for information about this Sunday's communion, worship and sermon.

4/19/2020 Sunday

Here's the quote i mentioned in my sermon this morning:

                    I believe (the need of the hour) is an army of soldiers, dedicated to Jesus Christ, 

                   who believe not only that He is God, but that He can fulfill every promise He has

                   ever made, and that there isn’t anything too hard for Him. ~ Dawson Trotman, Navigators



There is a new Fireside Chat for you to watch on our Special Messages page.  Just some things to think about.

The state-wide Stay At Home order has been extended into May.  The efforts are working to slow the spread of Coronavirus but i know that most of us are ready to get back to "normal".  We all know that there will be a "new normal" sometime in the future and we are already trying to anticipate this and plan accordingly.  in the mean time, keep reaching out to others and connect as well as possible on Sunday mornings and in a House Church.

This Sunday we will have updated links to the communion time and the Sunday service video so check back again Sunday morning.

If you have questions or prayer requests, let me know by email at


We are eagerly looking forward to the blessing of tomorrow, Easter Sunday, At 10:00am we will come together in a zoom room for communion and then watch the recorded Easter service.  Here's a link to the details.

House Churches (Small Groups):

Our mid-week small groups, called "House Churches", are meeting via online meeting rooms (Zoom).  Now is a perfect time for you to join a small group.  This is an excellent way to get and stay connected during this time of isolation.  If you'd like to join, send an email to



You can continue to give your tithes and offereings even though we are not meeting in the building.  You can give on-line by clicking on the "Donate" link at the top of this page or you can mail checks to Vintage Faith Church, PO Box 371, Manhattan, KS 66505.   

4/9/2020 Passion Week

Today we celebrate the Last Supper, the final Passover meal that Jesus ate before His crucifixion.  There is a new Fireside Chat video that talks about Passion Week and some things coming up this week.

Friday is a day of fasting and prayer for God to stop the Coronavirus spread and help us recover, while accomplishing His will in bringing people to faith in Himself for their salvation and peace.  Join us all, day long in personal prayer and devotion to God.

Good Friday 7:00pm join us for a zoom room scripture reading and prayer.  Here's a link to the details.

Easter Sunday 10:00am we will come together in a zoom room for communion and then watch the recorded Easter service.  Here's a link to the details.

4/5/2020 Palm Sunday

Join us for the Communion Service at 10:00am

After communion you can participate in today's Palm Sunday worship service on our Sermons page.  

We will have a special bible reading and prayer event Good Friday, April 10th at 7:00pm using Zoom ( details will be posted next week on this web page). So put this on your calendar and join us.

Also on Good Friday, April 10th, we encourage you to join other Christians in our Great Commission Churches as well as other churches that are part of the National Association of Evangelicals in a day of prayer and fasting for an end to the Coronavirus pandemic and our recovery from it, and that people will turn to the Lord Jesus as they


A new Fireside Chat video was pushed up to the website this evening, you can find it quickly by clicking this link

Next Week is Passion week, when we remember specifically the events of the last week of Jesus' life before His crucifixion.  Amazing teaching,  miracles   , examples and the  wondrous love of our Savior.  Spend extra time in the Bible reading the later chapters of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  

We will have a special bible reading and prayer event Good Friday, April 10th at 7:00pm using Zoom ( details will be posted next week). So put this on your calendar and join us.


Well our communion service experiment last Sunday was a big success with over 40 people on-line to share some time in song, scripture and prayer as we remembered our Lord together.  It was a sweet time.  We'll do it again this next Sunday so join us if you can.

If you would like to join a house church, now is a great time to begin to get acquainted through our online meetings. Send me an email at and i'll get you connected.  

We hope to have some more short devotional videos on our  website later this week so check back from time to time.

Remember to keep up to date with the news of Riley County

3/29/2020 Sunday

This morning begins at least 3 weeks of the Stay At Home order by the State of Kansas to help fight COVID-19. So again today we will be doing Church On-line.  This morning you can join our Communion Service by going to  a Zoom room.  The service will begin at 10:00am but go to it early to make sure you don't have technical difficulties.  if it doesn't work, just take communion on your own and then go to the Sunday Service Video on this web site  Pray that God would use these two times to bless your hearts and His Church. 

Let me know how your communion, worship and study time was this morning.  i'd love to hear from you. 


For more information from Riley county goto

One of the announcements this morning is to remind you to fill out the 2020 Census by Wednesday April 1st.  The census only happens once every decade and it is very important for our society.  Students, there are special instructions for you due to the Coronavirus, so be sure to check them out.  They also have temporary job openings. For more info go to or talk to Ben.


We've posted a new Fireside Chat on this web site at Give it a look.

As mentioned on the video and earlier in this document, we will be having communion as part of our Sunday on-line service.  We will share a live song and message in a Zoom room and then everyone will be able to eat the bread and drink the juice to remember Christ's body and blood in their own homes, but still be some-what together.  It may not be exactly as was done in the early church, but the heart of unity in rememberance of Christ is the same.  If you don't have grape juice or bread or would like to share in what others are using contact me at and we'll get some to you.  Check back to this page on Sunday morning for instructions on how to join into the Zoom room from a website.  Plan to connect about 9:45 just in case you have technical difficulties.  Ideally you can use a pc that has a microphone and camera (so we can hear and see you) or you can use your phone.  If you have technical questions contact me.

There were two more cases confirmed in Riley county yesterday... be safe.


From the feedback i have received, the Sunday service streamed well for most people.  If you had that trouble, try downloading the video to your pc and then view it from there.  Contact me or Ben if you need some help with this.  Speaking of Ben, I really want to let you all know how appreciative I am of Ben (and you should be too). He has really come through when we need it and he has worked a lot of hours, alone, to get the videos to you.  I told him the other day "if you go down, we all go down" (yes, it's a movie quote) Thank you also goes out to Judy, when he's serving us, he's usually not with her.

If you have suggestions about the Sunday service, send me an email with your thoughts.  ( )

This Sunday, the 29th we are going to try to incorporate communion.  If you want to participate and don't have juice or bread to use, let me know and we'll get it to you.  Look for more info on Friday or Saturday on this page.  We will also have a video service similar to last Sunday's format.  

A couple of people have asked about giving. Even though we are not meeting in the building, we still have most of the same expenses and have picked up a few new ones in order to do church on-line.  You can continue to give your tithes and offerings on-line by clicking on the "Donate" link at the top of this page or you can mail checks to Vintage Faith Church, Box 371, Manhattan, KS 66505

It seems that Coronavirus is not here in Manhattan, but it is.  Please take the recommended cautions.

3/22/2020 Sunday

This morning, at 10:00 many will "gather" on-line to share a time of worship and teaching from Isaiah chapters 9 and 10.  This passage is amazingly relevant to this time in our lives, from normal situations, to the abnormal corona virus world wide crisis.  Join us at 10:00 or anytime after that on our Sermons page.  You'll find this morning's sermon ready to stream or download.  There is also an audio-only link.


Well, COVID-19 is finally confirmed in Riley county. Be safe.

We will be posting some short encouraging videos on our website on the "Special Messages" page.  I just pushed up a "Fireside Chat". Here's the link:


Well, we have entered the age of online church.  Several meetings that would have been in person were conducted this week using an on-line meeting tool (see photo in upper right of this page - Zion House Church).  Although this is not as personal as meeting in the same room, it has some unexpected benefits.  If you'll look closely, Hannah Harker was able to join us from Ohio.  And we have others, like Bornell, that will be out of town during this pandemic and will be able to stay connected because of this technology. This is very important, to stay connected during this time of isolation.

Take time to think of people you haven't connected with lately, and do so with a phone call if possible, or a text or email, or even a real letter!   Especially think of those who just recently attended Vintage but have not gotten fully connected yet.  Try to connect and bring them into our virtual meetings so that the mutual encouragement can grow.  This is not going to be over quickly, so keep this in mind and in practice.

This Sunday we will take another step to use technology to try to stay connected.  We will use recorded clips, music and a sermon to allow for a gathering point on our sermon web page. (check back to this page on Sunday morning for specific instructions).  We recommend you plan to come online at 10:00am to join with others from Vintage for encouragement and edification from the word of God. The Lord's Supper is one thing that we will not be able to provide for you, but you can take of bread and the cup in your home, in  remembrance of Jesus (Acts 2:46 ... breaking bread from house to house ...)  I know that they were meeting together, but when situations don't allow physical togetherness, we can still be of one mind and join together in this remembrance.

This is a time to isolate ourselves for the good of our community, but there are times to meet in person. If you need to talk to someone face to face because of a trial or anxiety or pain or whatever, we can still meet together and keep the intent of the safety of isolation.  

Nada and I, Jon and Bekah Hastings, and others are here for you. Whether it be by email, phone, zoom room or face to face, don't hesitate to reach out.  Start with an email to and we'll get you connected.  Also, we'd like to get connected with Elizabeth who we met this past Sunday.  If you are reading this, send me a note so we can get you connected with others at Vintage because I don't have your contact info yet.


We now have Online Meeting capability so House Churches can "meet" together! Contact your House Church leader for details. A Sunday service is being prepare for online participation, so make plans to join us there on Sunday morning.


We decided this morning that effective immediately, all Vintage Faith in-person gatherings are cancelled. This includes Sunday service, House Churches and Vintage Faith Students. We will be providing ways to gather electronically. More info to come!


We will be meeting this morning at Vintage.  Expect some changes if you decide to join us.  We know it will be a small gathering but we are looking forward to encouraging one another in the Lord.  Be safe, put into practice the General Health Practices, for your sake and for the sake of others.

If you decide not to gather with us, take at look at our website around noon for a video and audio of the sermon:                  



At this time we are still planning on meeting Sunday, March 15th at Vintage. Many churches in Manhattan have cancelled services, but because of our small size and the fact that no cases of coronavirus have been reported in Riley County we feel it is still prudent to meet together. 

We strongly suggest you evaluate your situation to determine if you should attend or not, for your sake and those who you will come in contact with during the week. Don't feel pressured to attend just because the doors are open.  We want to minister the Gospel to all that come, but these are unique times.  So prayerfully consider if you come or worship from home.  

We will have a video as well as the audio of the sermon posted about noon tomorrow. (thanks Ben!!!)  

See the section on Hospitality and Communion below for some changes that will be implemented tomorrow.


Vintage Faith Family,

We have been closely following the quickly changing news about the coronavirus (COVID-19) both locally and globally.  As you are probably aware, there is a small but growing number of cases here in Kansas with more in neighboring states.  Since we know this virus is primarily spread through close contact we want to take precautionary measures to create a safe and healthy environment for us all to gather for worship and encouragment. Most of us face no significant risk from Coronavirus.  But all of us have the potential of becoming carriers who would become a significant risk to others.  We're going to take that seriously.

We will use this web page to post updated information regarding Vintage's plans as this viral event plays itself out. Come back to this page to check for any updates.  We will also send out occasional emails and the weekly Vocè with information, but mostly they will point you to this page.

NOTE: This is a very fluid event and the information can and will change often over the coming days so check back often.  For example, while we have been preparing this page another case was reported in Wichita and USD 383 announced to close schools until March 30th. 

Caution, not panic:

We just had a sermon last week from Isaiah chapter 8 about fear and how sometimes our fears cause us to act in ungodly ways.  Rather than fearing the things everyone else fears, we are to regard God as Holy.  So in this time when there is a lot of fear and even panic in our society, let's be people of faith in our Lord Jesus and look to Him for wisdom, caution and courage to face this challenge in a way that brings Him glory.  We should not be foolish and rush headlong into folly, but we should also be courageous in the face of dangers to do the will of the Lord.

For local information on the virus, here's a link to a page from Riley county:


Sunday Service:

At this time we plan to have our weekly Sunday morning service on March 15th, 10:00am with prayer at 9:25.  The sermon audio and vidoe will be recorded and both will be posted to this website by around noon that morning.  We are working on providing livestreaming but we will not have that ready by this Sunday.  If you don't attend on Sunday, be sure to not just ignore God, but take the same time (or more) to seek first His kingdom and His righetousness through personal worship, study and prayer. And reach out to other saints by phone through the week.  Fellowship is part of the purpose of our gathering. It is God ordained.


We will be making changes to how we celebrate the communion portion of our weekly service. For the next month or so, we will not pass the bread and juice, but rather we will have stations at the front and rear of the room with cut bread and individual cups.  During the communion time you can come up and serve yourself the bread and cup.  


We will be making some changes as to how snacks are handled at our hospitality table.  Basically, servers with well-washed hands and/or gloves will be there to serve you various snack items.

Nursery & Sunday School:

We will continue to provide these ministries and will be even more diligent on insuring that the children are healthy as they enter and while in our care. Volunteers will be wiping down check-in surfaces, toys, classroom surfaces, and door handles with disinfectant wipes. We also ask that parents help children wash their hands thoroughly before dropping them off at sunday school and/or the nursery. Hand sanitizer will also be more readily available throughout our building. It is imperative that parents, volunteers, and children are following all sickness policies, and general health practices stated below.

House Churches:

At this time we plan to continue meeting as house churches on a weekly basis.  Use your judgment as to whether you should attend based on your health and vulnerabilty.  Each house church leader will make and communicate specific changes each week as needed.

Mission trip to Guatemala:

Planning and prayer continues for this year's trip to Guatemala but we will hold off on a final decision to purchase tickets at least until mid-April to see how the situation looks then. The pancake feed scheduled for March 21st has been cancelled.


You can continue to give your tithes and offereings even though we are not meeting in the building.  You can give on-line by clicking on the "Donate" link at the top of this page or you can mail checks to Vintage Faith Church, Box 371, Manhattan, KS 66505.

General Health practices:

  • We encourage people to refrain from shaking hands and hugging for the time being. Greet others verbally, use fist bumps or other methods that do not spread germs.
  • Use hand sanitizer. We have placed hand sanitizer upstairs on the banister by the stairs and downstairs on the hospitality counter and by the nursery.
  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water - 20 seconds is recommended.
  • If you are sick, stay home. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of being in a gathering right now, stay home. Listen/view online.

Community Service:

In the coming days/weeks we will be looking for ways to serve in the community of our church building, your neighborhoods and the city as a whole.  We will post actions on this web page as needs and plans are developed.

Contact Us:

If you want to get in contact with Kennan our Pastor or any of the other ministry leaders at Vintage you can send an email to or contact those leaders directly.  We'd like to know your needs and concerns.