covid accomodations

Sunday Service:

We meet in person on Sundays, but there is also a livestream of every service on our Youtube channel if you aren't able to make it. 

If you don't attend on Sunday, be sure to not ignore God, but take the same time (or more) to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness through personal worship, study and prayer. View our online service to stay connected to the body, practices, and teaching, and reach out to other saints by phone through the week. Fellowship is part of the purpose of our gathering! It is God ordained and we at Vintage strongly encourage that you return to gather in the name of Christ as soon as possible.

House Church:

Our house churches (or small groups) are meeting in-person. House Church is an excellent way to stay connected during this time. If you'd like to join one, send an email to


Contact Us:

If you want to get in contact with Kennan or Jon, our pastors, or any of the other ministry leaders at Vintage, you can send an email to or or contact the other leaders directly.  We'd like to know your needs and concerns.