About  VFS

College and university students, we'd love for you to be a part of Vintage Faith Students. We meet at 7:00PM on Thursdays at our church building. We also have a house church that meets on Tuesday nights at 8:00PM. 

Vintage Faith Students (VFS) is the college student ministry of Vintage Faith Church. We are all about reaching our friends for Jesus Christ, being a family to hurt and broken people and creating a positive influence on campus. We are a primarily student-driven ministry with the goal of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to college-aged students and singles; providing opportunities for students to grow in their relationship with the Lord through Bible studies, service projects, and mission trips; and to lay a foundation in students' lives that will set them up for an entire life of seeking and serving God, specifically through church planting.


We believe that the college years are a time of unrivaled opportunity. Opportunity for exploration; for finding out who you really are, for living life to the fullest and making memories, for forming friendships that will last for a lifetime.


We believe that there is no better time to explore the deeper questions of life and to connect with God. That the opportunity of the college years is ideal for laying spiritual foundations and that there is no better time to give your life to the pursuit of our God.


We believe that the pursuit of God and a life following Jesus Christ does not equal religion. Legalism, hypocrisy, dogmatism and extreme boredom are the side effects of human institutions and religions. Jesus came to set us free to live lives of freedom and barbarian faith.


We believe that the world is our oyster. Every major movement of world change in human history is driven by a band of committed young men and women who did not accept the status quo and who took matters into their own hands. Will you join us?