Vintage Faith Students is a student organization at Kansas State and a ministry of Vintage Faith Church in Manhattan. Vintage Faith is a non-denominational Christian church with a passion for positively influencing students at Kansas State University with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Below are comments from a few parents whose children are involved in our ministry.


Our daughter, Alyssa, has been at Vintage Faith for the past 4 years as she has pursued her degree at K-State. We had prayed for her to find a place in Manhattan where she could grow in the Lord, express her faith and walk it out with good companions and that is exactly what has transpired because of her involvement with Vintage Faith! When we have visited we have been most impressed with the fun, yet worshipful energy and sense of true community. The respectful interaction of the leaders and young adults has impressed us as well. We see a genuine humility in the leadership that seems to be duplicated in the students as they are held to high standards. We have seen the students holding one another accountable as the leaders give them responsibility for one another, fully confident in their ability to hear from God for themselves and to follow His leading. We could not be more pleased with the choice our daughter has made in her place of worship! Thank you!

–Steve & Cheryl L.

There are lots of things you want for your kids when they go off to college. You want them to find a community of faith and friends and fun—a place where their love of our Lord grows and where they can help others grow. You want them to find a "home." Vintage Faith is that home—an answer to prayer. I really cannot find the right words to tell you what Vintage Faith means to me as a mom. My husband, daughter, and I love to worship at Vintage when we visit Alex.

-Kelly W.

Our daughter Meagan left Austin, Texas, to attend K-State. She had been a very involved and devoted member of a Baptist church in Austin for many years. She graduated from a Baptist high school with honors. However, when she left she knew she would have to find another church in Manhattan. She took her time and carefully considered her choices after attending several churches. Vintage Faith was Meagan's choice. First and foremost her membership in Vintage Faith has nurtured and strengthened her relationship with God. I can see the joy in my daughter's face when she speaks of her church and all of the wonderful things that it is doing in her's and other's communities. It is an evangelical church on a mission from God for God's glory and in service to others. This church has brought joy to my daughter's heart, inspiration to her soul, and an appetite for all things godly.

–Mike & Melinda B.

As a Christian parent, you raise your children to have faith in Jesus Christ, to believe in his life, death and resurrection and you pray. You pray that it won't be your faith they imitate, but that it is their own. That their faith will carry them through the challenges of the college atmosphere; that it won't be morality that carries them, but conviction and love of God. That is where Vintage Faith has guided and discipled my daughter. Vintage Faith preaches truth of the gospel, then they model and encourage love, leadership and serving one another as they serve the God they love. Vintage Faith is a great college ministry, church, and family. Vintage Faith was this parent's answer to prayer.

–Laura H.