Who are we?

Vintage Faith is a Jesus-centered church started in 2008 by a group of young singles and couples in Manhattan. When we say we want to have "vintage" faith, we mean we want to go back to the roots, the core, of early Christianity. Therefore, rather than turn to tradition or religion, we turn to Jesus Christ as He's revealed in God's living and active Word to formulate and guide our beliefs and values. We believe the world doesn't need more Christianity, but more of Jesus Christ. Take a look at our Statement of Faith.

The people who serve as our "staff" have dedicated their lives to serving Jesus by serving the people of His Church. 

  • Pastor

    Kennan Ingalsbe

    Kennan Ingalsbe and his wife Nada have been getting to know their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for over 30 years. They have been part of the Vintage family since 2009. God has used the scriptures to refine them through family life and work experiences as well as church and small group Bible studies. Marriage and relationship counseling is a major ministry focus for both of them.

  • Campus Ministry

    Jacob friesen

    Jacob serves full-time with his primary focus being ministering to students at Kansas State University.  He leads our campus ministry called Campus Fellowship and helps to coordinate campus bible studies, teaches on Thursday evenings, and disciples students on a weekly basis. 

  • Campus Women's Ministry

    julie walter

    Julie coordinates the women's side of things for Campus Fellowship. She also oversees the work of some of our campus interns, but most of all she cares for the women; providing friendship, wisdom and counsel.

  • Sunday School Coordinators

    Jenny Walter and Judy Chmiel

    Jenny and Judy have huge hearts for children and are incredibly creative when it comes to bringing the truths of scripture to life for our young members.  They teach as well as coordinate other helpers and the curriculum.

  • Media

    Ben Chmiel

    Ben serves as our Media Director for our weekly services and special events. He and his team bring together the worship and teaching of Vintage Faith through graphic design, presentations, video and audio recording in order to support the simple and effective communication of God's word.

  • Finances

    Hannah Biang, Julie Walter and Chad LInd

    Hannah provides most of the day-to-day processing of our finances including payroll.  Julie coordinates the weekly deposits, and Chad serves as our treasurer.

  • Every member a minister

    It is very clear that Vintage Faith Church does not function on just the efforts of those few people mentioned above.  It takes a lot of effort from a lot of folks to not only conduct a Sunday worship service including worship teams and media, but also small group House Churches and personal discipleship and communications.  This kind of involvement is not just encouraged at Vintage, it is expected.